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10 Essential Rules in the Handpiece Maintenance

Each high-speed handpieces and low-speed handpieces are ceaselessly utilized in dental places of work and clinics all all over the world. The upkeep is essential, to guarantee the handpieces have a protracted lifespan and work properly together with your dental tools. Listed here are 10 important guidelines within the handpiece upkeep.

  1. By no means place underneath cool water to chill.

A sudden change in temperature may induce modifications within the construction of the handpiece. It’s higher to keep away from quick modifications in temperature to avert apparition of cracks.

  1. Don’t lengthen burs out from their seated positions.

Use the handpiece in response to the directions and don’t modify the place of the burs, as it’d have an effect on the performance of the dental tools. Additionally, by no means run a handpiece with out the bur.

  1. By no means knock sizzling handpieces collectively.

Sizzling handpieces are very fragile, so by no means permit your workers to knock them collectively whereas their temperature shouldn’t be applicable to be used. Ensure you’ve instructed properly the folks in care with the sterilization course of to keep away from harm to the handpieces.

  1. All the time permit cooling to room temperature earlier than utilizing.

The handpiece needs to be at room temperature, with a purpose to be used safely for each the dental tools and the sufferers, so permit it to chill in regular circumstances (see the principles 1 and three).

  1. By no means place any handpiece within the ultrasonic unit.

The ultrasonic unit can be utilized for pre-sterilization for numerous dental spare elements, however it’s not really useful for handpieces. Rigorously try the producer’s instruction in every case, while you wish to use the ultra-sonic unit on a dental piece.

  1. Don’t drop handpieces as this could harm the turbine.

The turbine is well broken by shocks, so attempt your finest to not drop the handpiece. In case it occurred, verify the integrity of all of the elements earlier than utilizing on sufferers.

  1. By no means set air strain above 40 psi.

Respect the really useful strain, indicated within the directions from the producer, however by no means permit it to go over 40 psi.

  1. All the time take away bur and shut levers earlier than autoclaving.

Test the dental elements for particles earlier than beginning the sterilizing. You need to completely take away the burs from the handpiece and shut levers earlier than autoclaving. Additionally it is really useful to make use of autoclave luggage and pouches with indicators to guard handpiece.

  1. Lube and purge earlier than autoclaving.

To lube and purge, take away bur from handpiece and scrub with an applicable instrument, utilizing heat (not sizzling) water – by no means immerse the handpiece. Scrupulously dry handpiece utilizing gauze, paper towel or air syringe, then lubricate inside floor, utilizing a really useful lubricant. Reinsert bur into handpiece head, join handpiece to tubing and run for five seconds to completely expel particles and extra lubricant.

  1. By no means exceed 275 Fahrenheit levels (135º C) within the sterilizer.

Dental handpiece producers and many of the dental associations, similar because the Facilities for Illness Management and Prevention, suggest warmth sterilization between affected person makes use of, to keep away from spreading infections.  All handpieces at the moment in manufacturing are thought-about heat-tolerant or could possibly be retrofitted to permit heat-processing. Autoclaving and chemical vapour sterilization are thought-about acceptable strategies of warmth sterilization if the temperature shouldn’t be greater than 275 Fahrenheit levels (135º C).