Rotor for Kavo Dental Turbines

Rotor for Kavo Turbine

Rotor for Kavo Turbine

KaVo is one of the most famous brand in Dental World and this brand know every dentist in the World!

KaVo is known for the diversity of their types of equipment, handpieces, X-Ray equipment, CAD/CAM, and other high-end equipment dedicated to dentists, dental technicians, and all related dental businesses.

Kavo Dental Turbines

Kavo dental turbine Handpieces are one of the most important instruments for dentists because its used day by day in any dental practice.

Kavo Dental Turbines are the most reliable, long time running, precise, and comfortable because have a low level of noise which gives conform for patients and also for the dentist.

One big disadvantage of KaVo Dental Turbines is that after a long work time every dental turbine must be repaired and for Kavo Dental Turbine this has a quite high price for repair which of course is argued by the highest quality.

Usually, 95% of the time in KaVo dental turbines the rotor wears out in the turbine and it must be replaced with a new one. In most cases, one Rotor which must be replaced with a service fee cost around 250-300 Euro plus VAT which is quite a high price and this is almost half the price of a KaVo turbine newly purchased. After this kind of estimate/quotes from the original services dentist is taking a look at alternative services or looking to buy rotor for KaVo non-original but of course, want high quality as it is used to work with the highest quality and precise instrument.

Where to buy Best Rotor for KaVo

Here will explain the few most important arguments which stay on the basis of the quality of High-Quality Rotor and why it’s so reliable.

  • Angular Ceramic Ball Bearings – All KaVo Turbines are assembled with Premium Quality Angular Ceramic Ball Bearings (ACBB abbreviation ) from MYONIC factory which specializes in Miniature High Precision Ball Bearings and MYONIC is the main Supplier for KaVo High-Speed Handpieces as also for KaVo Low-Speed Handpieces
  • High-Quality Chucks – KaVo is producing their own chuck with having a very high strength which holds the burs
  • Balanced Impellers – Impellers have a very important role in the life of a rotor for a KaVo turbine. All impellers are balanced with dynamic balancing machines which exclude vibrations at speed from 300 000 rpm to 400 000rpm (rotations per minute)

All these mentioned factors offer quality, reliability, precision, and comfort for everyone!

Company is one stop Online Store for Kavo Handpiece Parts and you can find the best non-original rotors for Kavo Turbines and here is why:

  • All Rotors for KaVo Turbines are assembled with the same Angular Ceramic Ball Bearings from MYONIC manufacture which offers the same quality of Ball Bearings. These ball bearings are very expensive and it doesn’t have any sense to assemble high price Ceramic Angular Ball Bearings on cheap rotors.
  • High-Quality Chucks – We are not supplying the same chucks because just KaVo produce for their own KaVo rotors but we are working with High Precision Manufacture of Chucks and impellers which have the same features and similar technical properties which are very close to original but with price significantly lower
  • All Impellers assembled on chuck also are dynamically balanced which offers now vibration of rotors for KaVo which you buy from us.

This combination of assembly offers high-quality rotors for KaVo which after you will mount on your turbine there will be no difference between working originally with a nonoriginal rotor!

Our customer feel the difference only in price because the original price cost 250-300 Euro + VAT and rotors for KaVo supplied by us cost 87 euro + VAT (applied just for European Union customers according to EU laws)

Here is a shortlist of Best Rotors for KaVo and most sold on our Online Store

Best rotors for KaVo Turbines:

  • Rotor KaVo 660B
  • Rotor Kavo 605
  • Rotor KaVo 605C
  • Rotor KaVo 636
  • Rotor KaVo 8000
  • Rotor KaVo E680L
  • Rotor KaVo 7000B
  • Rotor KaVo 640B

Here you will find a full list of Rotors for KaVo Turbines

  • KAVO For friction grip turbines 624/625/625C/625D/627/630/630A/640
  • KAVO ® SUPERtorque® 630 / 640 All Types
  • KAVO ® Companion® 634
  • KAVO ® CONTACTair® 632 all types
  • KAVO BELLAtorque® 633 / 639 / 642 / 645 /all types
  • KAVO ® SUPERtorque® 650 all types
  • KAVO ® MIRAlux® 635/635B
  • KAVO ® SUPERtorque® 647/647B
  • KAVO ® OPTItorque® 649/649B
  • KAVO ® SUPERtorque® 655 / 660 all types
  • KAVO ® EXPERTtorque® E680L/LM/LS/C / E679L
  • KAVO ® SMARTtorque® S609 / S619
  • KAVO ® SMARTtorque mini® S605 / S615
  • KAVO ® EXPERTtorque® E677L / E675L
  • KAVO ® GENTLEforce® 7000 all types
  • KAVO ® GENTLEsilence® 8000 all types / 6500BR
  • KAVO ® GENTLEsilence® 6500/6500B
  • KAVO ® MASTERtorque mini® M8700L
  • KAVO ® MASTERtorque® M8900L
  • KAVO ® GENTLEforce® 6000/6000B
  • KAVO ® MIRAtorque mini® 637 all types
  • KAVO ® COMPACTtorque® 636 all types POWERtorque® 646 all types
  • KAVO ® SUPERtorque® 659B
  • KAVO ® GENTLEsilence mini® 4500/4500BR
  • KAVO ® MASTERtorque® M9000L/LS
  • KAVO ® GENTLE mini® 5000/5000B / MASTERtorque mini® M4500

Watch VIDEO how to replace a Rotor for KaVo Turbine