Using Botox as a treatment of bruxism!

Botulin vs bruxism!


Therapeutic BOTOX, Using Botox as a treatment of bruxism!. The studies showed that botulinum toxin injections can reduce the frequency of bruxism events, decrease bruxism-induced pain levels and satisfy patients’ self-assessment with regard to the effectiveness of botulinum toxins on bruxism. In comparison with oral splint, botulinum toxins are equally effective on bruxism.

Well yes, our beloved botulinum toxin can also be used to mitigate – and in some cases resolve – the effects of bruxism (heavy night grinding of the teeth) enormously improving the patient’s quality of life.

Those who suffer from bruxism usually experience the consumption of teeth (unpleasant result: consumed enamel) or an unpleasant persistent headache already from the morning, disturbed sleep and frequent awakenings and consequent chronic fatigue.

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