Dental Rotor Structure

Dental Rotor in High-Speed Handpiece Turbine

Dental Rotor is a key element part of a Dental High-Speed Handpiece Turbine because

Key Factors of the long working dental rotor in a Highs Speed Turbine:

  1. Balancing of dental rotor is very important because it excludes vibration of the handpiece and also affects the lifetime of the turbine. Dynamic balancing is made at high-quality rotors/turbines because on low-cost/cheap dental turbines they can’t afford this and if they would do it would increase considerably the cost for the end-user. Only High-quality brands care about their quality and do Dynamic balancing and normally this increases the price of dental rotors because of very expensive balancing machines and time for balancing which is done manually.
  2. Steel or Carbide inserts in dental chuck also is very important and all manufacturers la KAVO, SIRONA, NSK, BIEN AIR, W&H, STAR, MIDWEST, FARO, FONA.. supply with this kind of inserts. This steel or carbide insert decreases vibrations and helps chuck to keep the lifetime of the dental rotor longer than chucks with it.

Here you can see dental rotor structure and key points advantages against competitors.

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