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Sirona Handpiece Parts

Sirona handpiece parts

Sirona is a well-known brand in the dental world! It’s famous for the quality and diversity of dental equipment and a high level of reliability.

Dental Handpieces are also very famous and dentists love these high-precision instruments which offer a low level of noise, high precision in daily work, and durability but for the high quality you have to pay quite expensive, and even after service with original parts also are very costly.

When comes to repair most of the time dentist do not expect to pay for one repair almost half of price of from new handpiece and that is why a lot of people a looking for alternatives to repair with non-original parts. Problem is that where to find good sirona handpiece Zahnbohrer parts even non-original but with a high level of quality similar to the original. Here is the answer! is the one-stop online shop for dentists and also for engineers who are looking for premium Sirona handpiece parts with similar quality as the original.

All Sirona handpiece parts are manufactured in Europe and rotating parts are assembled with MYONIC of GRW high precision ball bearings.

High-Speed Sirona Handpiece – Dental Drill Parts

All Sirona Dental Turbines come assembled with Angular Ceramic Ball Bearings and all Sirona Rotors are assembled with the same Angular Ceramic Ball Bearings Made in Germany.

We are assembling our Sirona Rotors with 2 ball bearings from 2 manufactures:

  • MYONIC – Angular Ceramic Ball Bearings (abbreviation ACBB) which most manufacturers like KaVo, Sirona, W&H buy High Precision Ball Bearings from this supplier
  • GRW – Angular Ceramic Ball Bearings is also used as an alternative, not on all Sirona rotors but the quality is similar and works as well as Myonic ball bearings

Both manufacturers offer Premium Quality Angular Ceramic Ball Bearings which offer a long time of working even with intensive work.

Another important feature of Angular Ceramic Ball Bearings is the silence of work which offers comfort for patients as also for dentists.

The only disadvantage in comparison with Steel Ball Bearings is that must be lubricated more often because are more sensible for dust from the preparation of teeth of dirt, but If it will be lubricated after every 1 hour of work it will reward you with a longer life span!

For Sirona High-Speed Parts we offer the next parts:

Low-Speed Sirona Handpiece Parts

Low-speed parts are classified into 2 groups:

  • Contra Angles
  • Straight Handpieces

Sirona Contra Angles

Sirona Low Speed Contra Angles comes with Steel Ball bearings and these ball bearings are less sensible for dust and dirt in comparison with Ceramic ball bearings but this not mean that must be less time lubricated. As more often you will lubricate as long it will serve and fewer service expenses you will have

Sirona Stright Handpieces

Sirona Stright Handpieces also most of them are using Steel ball bearings which do not have the same load as High-speed ball bearings.

As for Sirona Contra Angle and Stright Handpieces you can find here the best quality, Sirona Low-Speed Handpiece Parts assembled with GRW or MYONIC steel ball bearings (as original Sirona ball bearings). You can buy Online Sirona Low-Speed Handpiece Parts which are delivered WorldWide and in most cases especially in European Union, you will receive your orders delivered with FedEx Express or DHL Express couriers with delivery time between 1-2 weeks depending on stock disponibility.

The quality of Sirona Handpiece Parts speaks for itself because we have in 5 years more than 7000 customers which are ordering repeatedly from us and this means for us that we are offering high-quality Sirona High-Speed Parts and also Sirona Low-Speed Parts

Keys / Wrenches for Sirona Handpieces – Dental Drill Parts:

If you intend to do “Do It Yourself” DIY repairs of Sirona Dental Handpieces like Turbines or Low-speed handpieces you can also find a wide variety of Keys / Wrenches almost for all types even most news Sirona Handpieces, Click here to find the key for Sirona Turbines or for Key for Sirona Low-Speed Handpieces you need for your repairs.

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