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Dental Handpiece Turbine Repair – Do it Yourself

Dental Handpiece Turbine Replacement User Guide

How to repair dental handpiece turbine


Before replacing dental rotor, carefully examine handpiece head for dents. If there is any evidence of dents in the head, return the entire handpiece to your dental engineer or dental repair shop for repairs. Do not install replacement dental rotor into handpiece. Installation will result in permanent damage to the dental turbine. Alternatively, you may purchase a handpiece dental turbine cavity reamer from dental-rotors.com to remove the dents on your own.

1. Using specialized dental backcap key, unscrew dental backcap from handpiece head and remove worn dental rotor  by pushing out from the front. Only use the appropriate tool to remove the end cap. Use of a pliers or inappropriate tool will cause damage to your dental handpiece.

2. WARNING: Interior of head must be inspected for foreign material and debris—remove if present. Compare worn dental rotor to new dental turbine to identify any components that may still be present in your handpiece. Use a scaler or explorer to remove all old dental rotor components including any shims, o-rings, washers or bearing retainers. Once all old dental rotor components have been removed, use a cotton swab and dental handpiece lubricant to clean dental handpiece head. Using air from the air/water syringe, blow out handpiece head to remove any cotton fibers.

1. The dental rotor is provided with two o-rings which will replace the existing turbine o-rings. One o’ring fits into a groove in the front (bur end) of the handpiece, the other will fit into a groove in the dental backcap end. You may need to use a scaler or explorer to remove the old o-rings from your dental handpiece and end cap. A burnisher or similar blunt instrument may be helpful when installing the new o-rings to make certain they are fully seated. Special attention must be paid to the o-rings to ensure that the old o-rings are completely removed and the new ones are not misaligned, twisted, or otherwise out of place.
2. Generously lubricate the interior of the dental handpiece, paying particular attention to the o-rings. Holding dental handpiece face down, insert turbine fully into dental handpiece head. The dental rotor bearings each have a small lip which will rest against the o-rings. Using the appropriate tool, screw end cap down until flush against handpiece head. CAUTION: End cap should be tightened securely with wrench to ensure safe positioning of turbine. If you are unable to fully seat the end cap, remove and check the end cap for debris/old turbine components. If difficulty persists, send the replacement dental rotor and handpiece to dental repair shop for installation.

here is an short video in practise how you can repair dental handpiece turbine

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