NSK Dental Handpiece Cartridges

Maintaining Peak Performance with NSK Airrotor Cartridges

NSK dental handpieces, known for their precision and reliability, rely on specialized Airrotor cartridges to direct cooling spray and air to the tip. Over time, these cartridges experience wear and may need replacement to restore optimal handpiece function. Understanding NSK’s cartridge options helps dental professionals keep their valuable equipment operating smoothly.

NSK’s screw-in Airrotor cartridges are designed specifically for their S-Max air-driven handpieces. The cartridges contain integrated turbines and bearings aligned precisely within a housing to provide balanced rotation and minimal vibration. Stainless steel components resist corrosion while advanced seals prevent air and water leakage.

Within the narrow cartridge neck, separate air and fluid passages keep the high-speed handpiece cooled and lubricated during prolonged use. NSK produces cartridges matching different head sizes and neck types to ensure correct pairing with the various S-Max models.

When an S-Max handpiece loses power, bogs down or makes unfamiliar noises, the Airrotor cartridge should be the first item inspected. A worn cartridge impairing the air flow can hamper the handpiece’s performance. Replacing it restores the cooling spray function and high RPMs needed for optimal cutting.

NSK cartridges carry a higher price tag than generic third-party options. But the OEM cartridges’ high manufacturing standards help them maintain factory specifications for balance, precision, and longevity. Avoid off-brand cartridges that may compromise performance or damage the handpiece.

With proper care, NSK’s cartridges provide reliable service for hundreds of autoclave cycles and procedures. But eventually even the best cartridges require replacement. Trusting NSK’s Airrotor cartridges to keep your S-Max handpieces running like new demonstrates a commitment to quality for your patients.

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Cartridge NSK S-Max M25
Cartridge NSK S-Max M95
Cartridge NSK FPB-Y
Cartridge NSK Ti-Max Ti25
Cartridge NSK FPB-Y kit
Cartridge NSK FX15
Cartridge NSK FX25
Cartridge NSK S-Max M25 old
Cartridge NSK S-Max M25 new
Cartridge NSK Ti-Max X25
Cartridge NSK Ti-Max Z25
Cartridge NSK MPAS-Y
Cartridge NSK MPA-Y
Cartridge NSK MP-F
Cartridge NSK MPA-Y
Cartridge NSK MP-F
Cartridge NSK BB-Y
Cartridge NSK BB-Y kit
Cartridge NSK NAC-Y
Cartridge NSK NAC-Y kit
Cartridge NSK Ti-Max Ti95 old
Cartridge NSK Ti-Max Ti95 new
Cartridge NSK Ti-Max X95
Cartridge NSK S-Max M95 old
Cartridge NSK Ti-Max X95
Cartridge NSK S-Max M95 new
Cartridge NSK Ti-Max Z95
Cartridge NSK S-MAX SG20
Cartridge NSK Ti-Max X-SG20L
Cartridge NSK Ti-Max X-DSG20L
Cartridge NSK SGM-E20R
Cartridge NSK SGM-E16RU
Cartridge NSK FPB
Cartridge NSK Ti-Max Ti95 new
Cartridge NSK Ti-Max Z95 old
Cartridge NSK FPB