Mandrins pour KaVo Micro Motors

A chuck for a micro motor is a device used to hold small rotary tools or attachments on a micro motor, which is a high-speed electric motor used for precision work. The chuck typically consists of a cylindrical body with a threaded shank that can be screwed onto the motor’s output shaft.

The chuck has a collet or jaws that can grip the tool or attachment securely and precisely, allowing it to rotate at high speeds without slipping or wobbling. The chuck can be opened or closed using a special key or wrench that allows the collet or jaws to expand or contract.

Chucks for micro motors are commonly used in a variety of applications such as jewelry making, dental work, engraving, and electronics repair, where precision and accuracy are essential. They come in different sizes and shapes to accommodate various types of tools and attachments.

We are offering High-Quality Chucks for KaVo Micro Motors made in German or other European countries.

Warranty -6 months. Worldwide Delivery. We Guarantee the Best Prices for Quality offered!

22,00 TVA incluse
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