Guida all'acquisto di manipoli dentali - 9 cose da considerare prima dell'acquisto

Guida all'acquisto di manipoli dentali

No doubt, buying a dental handpiece is expensive. And, you should keep certain things in mind before buying one.

The dental handpiece or dental Handpiece is a complicated and very sophisticated piece of tech, so there are a lot of factors to consider before making a choice.

Since handpieces are very important devices for dental practices, they need to be durable and efficient. Be it the RPM, weight, noise, design or grip; you need to very specific about your requirements.

Factors to Consider before Buying a Dental Handpiece

Followings are the things that you should consider before making a buying choice:

1. Electric Powered vs Air Powered

Currently, there are two main types of dental Handpiece available in the market – air-powered and electric-powered.

In air-powered handpieces, the shaft is driven by pressurized air; whereas in electric powered handpieces, the shaft is driven by an electric micromotor.

There are various positives and negatives associated with both kinds of devices.

Air Powered Handpiece Electric Powered Handpiece
Positives Positives
Comparatively cheaper High & consistent torque
Less costly repairs Comparatively quieter
Lightweight Increased precision
High speed Wide options for speed
Variable torque
Less likely to be damaged
Negatives Negatives
Noisy A bit expensive
Low torque Expensive

Dental Handpiece

2. Speed

Speed or RPM is also an important deciding factor.

If you need high-speed up to 300,000 RPM or even more, then air driven one is your go-to device. Most of the electric ones can go up to a maximum of 200,000 RPM only.

The speed of air-powered devices is controlled by the amount of air that passes in, hence they can achieve higher speed.

3. Torque

Although the torque offered by an air-driven handpiece is less than that of an electric-driven handpiece, its torque can vary between the maximum and the minimum limit.

But, the electric-powered dental drills have constant torque which can’t be varied. It maintains consistent torque & power and doesn’t require to be varied depending upon the circumstances.

4. Budget

Air-powered dental handpieces are cheaper than electric ones and also, require less maintenance.

Not only electric dental handpieces are expensive to buy and require high maintenance; but their repairs, spare parts, and repair tools are a bit expensive too.

5. Weight

Well, this is a no-brainer that micromotors inside the electric drills make them a bit heavier than air dental drills.

Now, this is totally personal preference. If a high-weighing device is something that concerns you, then going for the air-powered drill would be better.

6. Noise

The noise factor might not seem a lot but it should not be overlooked.

Most of the patients who fear any kind of dental practice is afraid of the noise coming out from the handpiece. The loud noise makes them think that it will hurt them.

The air handpieces are operated with the help of an air turbine and also run at a very high speed making more noise than that of the electric handpieces.

7. Spray System

If you require air or water spray system attached to your handpiece then you should take this factor into consideration too.

If the tool has multiple spray ports then it will be easier to remove the waste material generated at the working site. And, it will be easier to work and look at the site.

8. Design and Grip

Imagine slipping off of a dental handpiece while working – deadly.

The design and grip of a tool is a very important factor to consider. If a handpiece doesn’t have proper grips on its body then it might get slipped off from your hands and harm the patient.

9. Gear Ratio

Well, gear ratio affects the speed (RPM) of a trapano dentale only. Generally, it varies from 1 to 1.5.

If the gear ratio for a device is 1.5 then it will operate at a high speed, generally.

Final Words

A dental handpiece is not something that you buy every day – it can last up to 5-7 years. So, getting to know all the important factors before making a choice is a better way to deal with it.

If you have any related queries, please let us know in the comments now.

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