Che cos'è un micromotore?

What Is A Dental Micromotor Used For?

Micromotors are devices used in dentistry for the treatment of semi-hard dental tissues . The dental micromotor is a motor that works at low speed and is attached to the handpieces, contra-angle and hose, thus facilitating the treatment of the tooth. Dentaltix micromotors can be pneumatic or electric. Does it matter if an oral health care provider maximizes researching a micromotor?

Micromotors are used in dentistry for the treatment of semihard dental tissues. This instrument is connected to the hoses of the dental equipment with a variable connection system. Speed and torque are also variable. And, on the micromotor, two different types of instruments can be placed: handpiece and contra-angle.

All dental handpieces need a compact micromotor for power in drilling semihard tissues in the mouth. Treatments like root canal therapy, tooth extraction, or periodontal services need 35K (35000) to 36000 rpm. However, a motor can also become brushless, which is perfect to fit any handpiece. A micromotor controls the torque and speed levels of the handpiece for everyday dentistry practice.


Modern micromotors have high torque, which means handpieces can also have increased speeds. A dentist can easily adjust the handpiece with an interchangeable head according to the micro motor. Most units are relatively cheap or inexpensive compared to other equipment used in oral care offices. Furthermore, a micromotor is also light but powerful so that you won’t need additional force with your instrument.


Handpieces can heat up and may vibrate after extended use. A brushless motor on a piece of prosthodontics equipment can be hard to manage. Most of the time, dentists must buy two micromotors that have different rpm. The machine may either be very slow or very fast and challenging to manage polishing and cutting tissues in the mouth. 

Tips When Buying A Dental Micromotor

Professional dentists who want to add a micro motor to their cart should first check if their machine choice is suitable for their laboratory and company. There are many manufacturers like Foredom, Henry Schein, NSK, and KaVo that supplie quality products. 

Estimate Your Budget

Save your money by doing a bulk order of micromotors for your dental clinic. But, it is also recommended only to buy one if you only have one dental chair. Most micro motors are attached to a compressed air system that connects to the dentist’s chair. If you are purchasing a micromotor, don’t shop for second – hand equipment.  

Air or Electric Micromotor?

Dentistry is trending toward electric micromotor but air micromotor are still used in a lot of dental offices today. There are many advantages to electric micromotor including increased torque and speed control but the upfront investment is higher than a new motor air set up. In addition to the handpiece attachment, an electric setup includes a motor and a control interface that will increase your cost. Before making a sizable investment in your practice, consider newer technologies available electric micromotor.

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