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How to replace Head Gear on KaVo 25 LP / LPA

How to Replace Head Gear on Red KAVO 25 LP / LPA

Before to Replace and Head Gear in Red KaVo  25 LP / LPA you need to disassemble it. This can’t be done without special instrument designed just for this handpices. you need 2 Keys: Ejector and Wrench

keys Disassambling head red Kavo 25LP LPA

▶ Place the ejector on a level support and hold the pushbutton ⑧ with your thumb
and press it off.

Disassambling head red Kavo 25LP LPA image

▶ Remove the conical spring
▶ Unscrew the cover ⑥ in counterclockwise direction using the wrench, the universal
bit holder and the torque handle.
▶ Pull the head casing ① and the adapter ⑪ forward and out and remove the two
balls ⑨.
▶ Use the circlip pliers to twist the adapter ⑪ slightly and remove it from the head
casing ①, then remove the two springs ⑩.
▶ Slide the spray insert ③ out of the head casing ①.
▶ Remove the drive axle ⑤ and spring washer ④ from the spray insert ③.
▶ Remove two O-rings ②.

Kavo 25LP LPA repair head gear disassembling

▶ Take hold of the elbow sleeve ① with the circlip pliers and turn the wrench, universal
bit holder and torque handle anticlockwise to unscrew the threaded ring ⑤.
▶ Slide the adapter sleeve into the insert ④ and push the spring pin into place.
▶ Pull the insert ④ out of the elbow sleeve ① and remove the adapter sleeve.
▶ Push the bearing cartridge ② and axle ③ right back and out.
▶ Remove the axle ③ from the bearing insert ②.

Download full instruction >> here <<

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