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ZOOM Bleach Infinter Chip – New 2021


Your Zoom never will ask “replace guide”. You will have “4 of 4 sessions” forever!

ZOOM Infinter Chip review zagreb

We Have Unlimited Solutions for Just 650 389€



Light guide for Philips Zoom with an unlimited number of bleaching cycles

How does it work?

Just use our Zoom Bleach Infiniter chip in your ZOOM 2 / 3 /4 and your Bleaching will not ask for any more replacement.


Your Zoom never will ask “replace guide”. You will have “4 of 4 sessions” forever!


  • After installing ZOOM Bleach Infinter Chip for zoom, you can buy any other whitening paste designed for a larger patient turnover. It will be much cheaper – just calculate the price per procedure! For instance, Beyond Max5® whitening treatment kit is designed for 5 patients, and its price is up to $115, which means the prime cost of one session per patient is up to $23.
  • Since the cost of one syringe from a kit with any alternative bleaching gel is five times lower than the cost of one syringe from the original Zoom kit, you will pay it back very quickly and start earning after installing ZOOM Infinter Chip!


30-Day Money-Back-Guarantee!

We decided to take off any risks from you. Potential customers are often scared off by the possibility of getting a non-working device. Therefore, our team provides 30-day MONEY-BACK-GUARANTEE once you receive the product. This way, you will have enough time to try our Bleach Infiniter.

The warranty period is 12 months.
We are sure that every client will stay satisfied!


Additional information

ZOOM Model

2, 3, 4