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///Mk-Dent Lowspeed Handpiece PRIME LINE – LP11L

Mk-Dent Lowspeed Handpiece PRIME LINE – LP11L


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Mk-Dent Lowspeed Handpiece


Pleasant Silence

Precision Cooling for Precise Treatments

Spray Nozzle

The spray guarantees safe working conditions due to optimum cooling of the preparation site. Specially designed nozzles provide a clear view and a pleasant noise level during treatment.

Operating Convenience

Prime Grip

The combination of a brushed stainless steel housing and a titanium coating offers a perfect grip, protection against corrosion and maximum scratch resistance.

Due to the ideal angle combination, you can reach hard to reach preparation areas for maximum comfort during treatment.

Capture Every Detail

LED Light

The glass rod light conductor allows for a true-color, glare-free and uniform illumination of the entire oral cavity due its more than 25,000 lux

With MK-dent LED lights for your motor systems, perfect lighting is guaranteed. Even in the molar region.

Variety of Options

Head Interchangeability

Stay flexible. A simple release of the clamp allows for quick replacement of the head unit. Use the opportunity, with only one contra-angle handpiece-lower part, to select the appropriate head for application.

Worldwide Delivery

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PRIME LINE Contra Angle Body with Light

1:1 Transmission
Internal water supply
Input max. 40.000 rpm
Titanium coated
for INTRAmatic ® motors

Warranty – 12 months!

We also offer the following Guarantees: 100% Quality;
A 30-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee;
You can return your product for a refund or an exchange.

Additional information

Contra Angle Head

1:1 Transmission, for CA Burs, 1:1 Transmission, for FG Burs, 2:1 Reduction, for CA Burs,

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