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Rotor for KaVo GENTLEsilence® 8000/6500BR all types


GENTLEsilence® 8000 all types
GENTLEsilence® 6500BR
*original Part/Number 1.003.6884

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Rotor for KaVo Gentlesilence  6500BR

GENTLEsilence® 8000 all types
GENTLEsilence® 6500BR
*original P/N 1.003.6884
+ O-rings: 2x O710
+ Washers: 2x OW120

Rotor Kavo Gentlesilence 6500BR Pack includes:

Push Button Complete Turbine (o-rings and washers)
Balanced turbine with ceramic bearings
Manufactured by Myonic
Made in Germany
Abec 7 Bearings
Exceeds ISO Standard Chucking System
Machine Balanced and serialized
Sterilization-Autoclavable to 135 C (277 F)
Operating pressure (bar) 2.2-2.5
It can been installed without special skills

Speed: 350,000 rpm
Noise: ≤ 70 dB
Power: ≥ 19 W

Warranty 6 months!

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