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Rotor NSK X700 / L ® Ti-Max – TiX-Tu03


Cartridge Rotor  NSK Ti-Max X700/L

Rotor NSK X700 pack kit includes

+ O-rings: 2 pcs.
+ Washers: 2 pcs.

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Cartridge NSK Ti-Max X700 Rotor – TiX-Tu03 compatible

NSK Ti-Max X700 Rotor – TiX-Tu03 compatible Pack includes:

  • Push Button Complete Turbine with o-rings
  • Manufactured with Myonic (made in Germany) Abec 7 Bearings.
  • Exceeds ISO Standard Chucking System
  • Machine Balanced and serialized.
  • Sterilization-Autoclavable to 135 C (277 F)
  • Operating pressure (bar) 2.2-2.5
  • Do-it-yourself Installation.

Rotor NSK X700 TiX-Tu03 is compatible with:

  • NSK Ti-Max X700/L
  • NL9000T/ST/KT/WT/BT

Warranty – 6 months!

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