Rotors for NSK Turbines

Compatible Rotors and Cartridges for NSK Highspeed Handpiece Turbines assembled with German Ceramic Ball Bearings.

All rotors/cartridges have 6 months Full Warranty and an average lifetime of 12-24 months according to our statistics. We Delivery Worldwide

Best Rotors / Cartridges for NSK High-Speed Turbines online for a wide range of models

We Cover almost all range of NSK Turbines lines like M, Z, and X Lines

Here is the NSK Turbines Lines we can supply:

  • NSK Ti-Max X line
  • NSK Ti-Max Z Line
  • NSK S-Max M Line
  • NSK Mach-Lite
  • NSK Phatelus
  • NSK Pana AIR
  • NSK Presto Aqua

We offer the best prices for Premium Quality NSK cartridges made in Europe!