Ersättande dentala turbiner

Every High-Speed Handpiece is driven by a combination of spare parts like chuck assembled with impeller and ball bearings.

This combination of parts is named dental turbine.
Every Dental High-Speed Handpiece manufacture uses different types by size and designs replacement dental turbines according to dentist needs.

replacement dental turbines cartridges structure

Usually, there are two types of heads in dental High-Speed Turbines:

  • Standard head
  • Small head

Accordingly to this type of heads of handpieces inside also there are bigger and small dental turbines or dental cartridges which have different sizes of bearings, impellers, and chucks.

To achieve smooth run and exactness of working with dental Highspeed handpiece its necessary there is necessary to have a high precision assembly of parts.

To achieve high-quality dental turbines there must use only the finest materials and have extremely strict requirements in terms of design and production. This is possible only using high precision CNC machines for the production of chucks and impellers and dynamically balanced turbines will give smooth run on highest speeds without any vibrations.

All replacement dental turbines are assembled with high precision ceramic micro ball bearings manufactured by World known in industry German Factories like MYONIC or GRW.

Replacement Dental Cartridges

Ersättning Dental Cartridge is the same Dental Turbine but only is covered by a Protective Shield/Cartridge which protects the Dental Turbine/Rotor assembly protect to from dirt, saliva, dust from teeth and this type of replacement dental cartridges was innovatively introduced on market by NSK Dental which was a revolutionary entrance with success on dental market and loved by dentists.

Cartridges for NSK turbines

NSK dental Turbines has fame of high precision and reliability.

One more advantage of this revolutionary innovation was the ease of replacement of dental cartridges because dentists could replace them by themselves and made a lot of savings of time and money by making themselves replacement in 5 minutes.

Original dental Turbine vs Non Original

We agree that original parts in 70% of cases are better than non original dental parts but below we are advantages and disadvantages

Original dental Turbines

  • High Cost of Dental turbine/cartridge
  • Design of chucks created and produced by the manufacture
  • Ball bearings ordered by third party manufacture like MYONIC, NSK, Barden

Non-Original Dental Turbines (supplied by

  • 50-70% lower price
  • Same Ceramics Angular of Radial Ball Bearings from MYONIC
  • High precision chucks with warranty 6-12 months
  • The same design of impellers dynamically balanced 100% as original dental turbines/cartridges

Our replacement dental turbines and replacement dental cartridges operate at the same high level as the original and are made with high quality and durable ceramic bearings making them ideal for high torque and RPM applications. We offer lubricated and non-lubricated dental turbines from top brands like KaVo, NSK, Sirona, W&H, Bien Air, Mk-Dent, Morita, Faro, Fona,  Castellini and other famous brands Dental to suit your particular preference and use case.

Check here the Dental Handpiece Tools for dental cartridge and dental turbine replacement.