Handpiece Cartridge

A handpiece cartridge is a replaceable component of a dental handpiece, which is a tool used by dentists to drill and shape teeth. The cartridge typically contains the bearing and gear assembly that powers the rotation of the handpiece’s bur (the cutting or grinding tool). Cartridges can be replaced when they become worn or damaged, allowing the handpiece to continue functioning properly.

Some cartridges can also be refurbished replacing ball bearings but only in case the chuck has to withstand bur pull force. Handpiece cartridges vary in design and function depending on the type of handpiece they are used with.

Handpiece Cartridge Rotors

On our online store, you can find a wide variety of handpiece cartridge rotors compatible with the next brands: NSK, KaVo, Sirona, W&H, Bien Air, Mk Dent , Castellini, BA International, Morita, etc.

All our handpiece cartridges have a full warranty of 6 – 12 months.

Rotors and Cartridges

Dental turbines and cartridges of German quality are perfectly comparable with high-speed turbines for handpieces of such well-known companies as Siemens, NSK, KaVo, Sirona, Beyes, W&H, Bien Air, Mk-Dent, Castellini, Stern Weber, Star, Anthos. Also on our page, you can see a complete list of other dental brands with which dental turbines and cartridges are compatible and choose the most suitable option. All dental rotors are equipped with German ceramic ball bearings manufactured by MYONIC or GRW. You can be sure of the bearings' and other components' quality and wear resistance. Dental turbines and cartridges are excellent for high RPM operation without excessive vibration. Use our high-quality turbines and cartridges at affordable prices. We also provide our customers with a full 6-month warranty on all supplied dental turbines and cartridges, and on-time delivery anywhere in the world! Browse the entire catalog to find the right turbines and cartridges for your comfort work.
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