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Dental Handpiece Parts Supplier

Our products are suitable/compatible with a wide range of the world’s well-known handpieces brands
Our company and our products are in no way connected with SIRONA®, KaVo®, BienAir®, MkDent®, Siemens®, and NSK®…. companies.

We have a wide selection of premium handpiece parts on our website that are perfectly compatible with world-famous brands of dental high speed handpieces. Important: products are not affiliated with companies such as SIRONA, BienAir, Siemens, MkDent, NSK, and others. We offer only German premium quality dental parts for our customers at affordable prices.

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What Product Categories Can You Find on Our Website?
Among the product range, you can find Dental Rotors and Cartridge Components like Push Buttons, Handpiece Spare Parts as well as all the necessary Turbine rotor Repair Tools for dental turbine handpieces.

What Are the Benefits of These Handpieces?
Dental rotors and turbine kits are suitable for comfortable operation at a high rotation without discomfort and vibrations.
Another important component of the rotor turbine dental is the impeller, which must be dynamically balanced to eliminate vibration at high and low rotations. Your highs speed handpiece will operate smoothly, without vibrations, and without creating unnecessary noise for both the patient and the doctor. Also, there are Push Button Complete Turbine with o-rings on the turbine rotor handpieces.

Our complete dental air rotor handpiece kits are assembled with high-quality bearings that won’t wear out quickly. As well as turbine dental handpiece components for high-speed handpieces manufactured with German Ceramic Ball Bearings. Whole Rotor pack Exceeds ISO Standard Chucking System. Installation of dental rotor turbines is done by hand.

Dental Parts Made in Germany?
We want to give you the opportunity to use high-quality products at an affordable price. The European quality of dental rotor parts and handpieces is not inferior in quality to the most famous world brands.

You can not only buy ready-made kits of rotors but also find all the necessary dental repair parts for any brand.
As we already mentioned, our turbine dental handpiece parts are not related to these brands but are perfectly compatible with other, dental supplier parts brands, of these brands. Dental rotors of German quality give the same high result when working without third-party interference and defects.

How Is the Delivery?
We’ll deliver your order with turbine rotor parts anywhere in the world. You can buy dental handpiece parts on our website and arrange worldwide shipping at the same time to receive the parcel as soon as possible.

Buy Premium quality dental rotors made in Europe from us and you will get satisfaction working with your rotating instruments as the original parts but less price up to 70% savings. 


Dental Handpiece Turbines

Dental handpiece turbines are hand-held devices that are attached to a dental unit, allowing dentists to perform a wide range of dental procedures. They consist of a turbine, which generates high-speed rotational motion, and a handpiece that holds the cutting instruments such as burs, drills, or polishing tools.

  1. Speed and Efficiency: Dental handpiece turbines are known for their incredible rotational speed, enabling dentists to perform procedures with greater efficiency. The high-speed rotation allows for quick and precise tooth preparation, reducing the overall treatment time for patients. This efficiency is particularly crucial in procedures such as cavity preparation, crown and bridge work, and root canal treatments.
  2. Precision and Control: With advancements in technology, modern dental handpiece turbines offer exceptional precision and control. The precise rotational movement allows dentists to have better control over the cutting instruments, resulting in accurate tooth shaping and restoration. This level of precision is essential for achieving optimal treatment outcomes and ensuring the longevity of dental restorations.
  3. Patient Comfort: Dental handpiece turbines have also significantly improved patient comfort during dental procedures. The high-speed rotation reduces vibration and minimizes discomfort, allowing for a smoother and more pleasant experience for patients. Additionally, the precise cutting action of dental handpieces reduces the need for excessive pressure, further enhancing patient comfort during treatment.
  4. Ergonomics and Design: Manufacturers have invested considerable effort in designing ergonomic dental handpieces to minimize strain and fatigue for dental professionals. Lightweight and well-balanced handpieces provide dentists with better maneuverability and reduce the risk of musculoskeletal disorders associated with repetitive dental tasks. This not only benefits dentists but also ensures a better overall experience for patients.

Advancements in Dental Handpiece Turbines: The continuous advancements in dental handpiece turbines have propelled the field of dentistry into new realms of efficiency and precision. Here are some notable advancements:

  1. Air-bearing Turbines: Air-bearing turbines have gained popularity due to their smooth operation and reduced noise levels. The absence of friction bearings allows for higher rotational speeds, resulting in improved cutting efficiency and durability.
  2. LED Technology: Many modern dental handpiece turbines incorporate LED lighting directly into the handpiece. This integration provides enhanced visibility by illuminating the treatment area, leading to better accuracy and improved treatment outcomes.
  3. Optic Fiber Systems: Dental handpiece turbines equipped with optic fiber systems have become increasingly common. These systems transmit light from an external source to the handpiece, improving visibility and ensuring accurate treatment in hard-to-reach areas.