Air Water Syringe

Air Water Syringe Luzzani dental

Dental Air-Water Syringe The air-water syringe is a handheld device used by dentists and dental hygienists during various dental procedures. It has a nozzle that can deliver a stream of air, water, or a combination of both. This instrument is essential for both patient comfort and the effectiveness of dental treatments. The air water syringe […]

Dental Burs Types

Turbine Burs or FG Friction Grip Burs types

How to Differentiate All Dental Burs Differentiating between the hundreds of varieties, shapes, and brands of dental burs can be an overwhelming task. With new types being introduced every year, it’s easy for even the most experienced dentist to overlook certain models that could make their clinical and lab work easier. At DENTAL ROTORS, we […]

Push Button Turbines for High Speed Handpieces

Bien Air Tornado Turbine Rotor replacement

Push Button Turbines Revolutionizing High Speed Handpieces in Dentistry In the ever-evolving field of dentistry, precision and efficiency are paramount. Dental professionals rely on a myriad of instruments and tools to provide exceptional care to their patients. Among these tools, high-speed handpieces play a crucial role in various procedures, from drilling and cutting to polishing […]