All Rotating Parts are with: 100% GERMAN Bearings

Dental Turbine Repair Kit

45,00 39,95

Dental Turbine Repair Kit

This kit is designed to replace dental ball bearings on dental High Speed handpieces and Low Speed Handpieces

You can replace as Dental Turbines and also on Dental Canister Cartridges

Pack includes 4 tools for Dissembling and also assembling of dental Turbines and Cartridges

Note* This kit is not universal bearings remover, because of diversity of bearings type and rotors structures. usually it fits to 70% of turbines!

Delivery terms: 2-4 weeks


Dental Handpiece Repair Kit

Dental Handpiece Repair Kit  – designed for removing of broken ballbearings and for asembling of new Ball Bearings

Watch Video How it Works!

Suitable for repairing of 70-80% of Dental Rotors

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